What is Rosedale?

The Rosedale Runoff Reduction Project (RRRP) is a holistic sustainable stormwater management project with the goal of removing 25 million gallons of sewage-polluted rain overflowing from Pittsburgh’s combined sewer into Nine Mile Run every year. We will achieve this through several phases of work. Phase I, currently underway, will reduce 20 to 25 percent of the overflow by constructing 3 large green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) facilities and 40 stormwater management tree pits,  and by installing 200 rain barrels and 10 rain gardens throughout the contributing area shown on the map below. You can find out more about these installations on the Project Components page.

This map shows the location of the Rosedale Runoff Reduction Project area (outlined in green) in relation to Nine Mile Run Watershed (outlined in blue). In these areas you can find our stormwater management tree pits (green dots), rain barrels (yellow dots), rain gardens (purple dots), and large green stormwater infrastructure sites (pink dots) that are either constructed or under construction.

Phase II will be launched after the completion of Phase I, and will build and expand upon the improvements made in the prior phase. NMRWA has worked with a consultant to develop a Phase II study identifying corridors, blocks, open spaces, and streets that have high concentrations of stormwater runoff flow, ideal candidates for future GSI projects.

Rosedale Videos

Please play these videos to learn more about the RRRP.  Many thanks to Mark Dixon of Blue Lens for producing them!

This video, created as the RRRP was first getting underway, gives a primer for Phase I of the Project. Through a combined suite of stormwater solutions, the RRRP will not only help in solving Homewood and NMR’s storm sewer overflow problems, but will also bring numerous other benefits to the community and its residents.

This update video highlights our progress so far in Phase I of the RRRP, including the major GSI project at the corner of Oakwood and Batavia streets in Homewood, and features input from many of our local community partners. We are greatly appreciative of all the hard work and contributions made by everyone involved with the Project. We look to the future as we continue to work towards our goal of a stronger and healthier community through stormwater solutions.

Historic Photos

Pictures of the past allow us to understand where we came from and where we are going. These historic photos show the Nine Mile Run tributaries in the RRRP area before there was a sewer system, and then the building of the system. We are adding to this conversation nearly 100 years later by building the next generation of green infrastructure in the Homewood area.

The future site of green infrastructure at Batavia Street and Oakwood Street.

Another view of the sewer construction at Batavia Street, east of Oakwood Street.

Construction of the sewer system at Rosedale Street.

A view of Nine Mile Run at Tioga Street from the North.

Another early culverting at Tioga Street.

Early culverting of Nine Mile Run at railroad tracks for Pennsylvania Railroad.

A concrete sewer pipe on Rosedale Street.

Nine Mile Run can be seen at Oakwood Street a site for the Rosedale project.

Project Funders

We are grateful for the funding provided to us and our partners for Phase I of this project: