As you may have noticed or heard, the Oakwood-Batavia site is complete!

We celebrated this major accomplishment with a ribbon cutting on November 10th along with guest of honor, Mayor Bill Peduto and all involved community leaders, residents, stakeholders, and partner organizations. Thanks to everyone that was able to make the event, it was a special day for our organization and the community. It was great to see everyone that supported and put so much effort towards this project come together and celebrate its completion.


Check out the video of the ribbon cutting ceremony below!

(Runtime: 24 minutes; actual ribbon cutting at 22:30)

Special thanks go to the General Contractor on the project, PJ Dick, and subcontractors, DeFinis Mechanical Contracting, and Dom DeMarco Construction, Inc. And to StormWorks and Operation Better Block Jr. Green Corps that were responsible for the landscaping of the project.

Final modeling numbers by the project engineers, Ethos Collaborative, estimate the site is able to capture between 700,000 to 1.5 million gallons annually with a total storage volume of 21,700 gallons. These figures will be verified with post-construction monitoring equipment provided by PWSA.

Across the street from this facility is the second series of stormwater tree pits installed as part of the RRRP. The design includes two linear pits with five total trees and native vegetation as ground cover. Due to the poor condition of the existing sidewalk, the installation includes a new sidewalk the entire length of the block. Penn Landscaping and Cement Work was the contractor on this project.

Stay tuned for future updates! If you have any questions, please contact Mike Hiller at