If you drove by Oakwood-Batavia the last couple weeks you would have noticed the contractor, PJ Dick, forming and pouring the concrete of the project. These forms were used to outline the curblines, sidewalks, sediment forebays, and bioswale walls. The above ground portion of the project has finally become visible as the concrete has been poured. PJ Dick is scheduled to wrap up all the concrete work and patch the asphalt this week, allowing StormWorks to come in and plant the trees and native vegetation next week. We will coordinate a ribbon cutting once this project is complete.

Once this project is complete, we will begin work across the street on Oakwood Street to plant 5 trees in a pair of linear stormwater pits. They are similar to the four trees planted on Rosedale Street and part of the larger collection of 40 stormwater tree pits we plan on installing as part of Phase I of the project.

We also received approval to begin construction on seven trees planted in a series of five stormwater pits on Frankstown Avenue in front of the Salvation Army.

Lastly, you may have attended a meeting for the Phase II Study we are conducting for the RRRP. We are currently wrapping up almost two months of outreach, which included a public meeting and survey to understand where there are stormwater issues in the project area. We will combine these personal responses with our engineering analysis to develop a roadmap for the next phase of the project. Results will be shared over the coming weeks.

Stay tuned for future updates! If you have any questions, please contact Mike Hiller at mike@ninemilerun.org.