It has been a busy month with the RRRP. Both large green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) sites, Oakwood-Batavia and Crescent Early Childhood Center (ECC) are headed towards completion.

We spent most of August giving multiple tours each week of the two construction sites. There was great turnout for each event, including neighborhood residents, engineers, partner organizations, City officials, and other stakeholders. All were interested in learning more about these projects and understanding challenges and opportunities when building GSI in the City.

NMR Staff provide tour of Oakwood Batavia & Crescent construction sites

NMR Staff provide tour of Oakwood Batavia & Crescent construction sites

Oakwood-Batavia has moved forward without general contractor PJ Dick encountering many issues with utilities underneath the surface. The brick catchbasins needed some masonry repair, but not total replacement. Duquesne Light did have to replace a utility pole on site though, due to a rotting wood base, which they were able to turn around rather quickly (much appreciated!) All excavation is complete, and the R-Tanks® were installed on the northside of Batavia Street. Next up is the concrete work (sidewalks, curbs, etc). StormWorks will plant the site in mid-September to finish the project.

Operation Better Blocks' Jr. Green Corps building the footbridge at Crescent

Operation Better Blocks Jr. Green Corps students building footbridge at Crescent Early Childhood Center

JASE Construction Services has completed a majority of the project at the Crescent ECC. Rain gardens 1-5 have all been excavated, R-Tanks® installed, and rain garden soils contoured. StormWorks worked with Operation Better Block’s Junior Green Corps students to build a foot bridge between gardens 1 & 2 and install the plants in most of the gardens. A team effort with all of the NMRWA staff the week of August 8th allowed the garden portion of the project to be finished in time for an annual Back to School Fair held in the school parking lot. JASE still needs to complete the connection to the overflow pipe on the western end of the project, and construct the Tokay Street tree trench. This will be done as soon as the City approves the final design this fall.

Stay tuned for future construction updates and eventually ribbon cuttings! If you have any questions, please contact Mike Hiller at